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Year 2: A study of Islam

Year 3: Initiation rites

Year 6: A study of Judaism



Year 1 - Special places

In Year 1, children have thought deeply of places that are special to different people. They thought about what might make a place special to someone and how they would expect people to behave if they went to these special places. Then, they used this to understand religious special places (churches, mosques, temples and even special religious places people create at home). The children ended the topic by creating a special reflection time corner in their classroom and what would make it a special place for children at Grove School.

Year 2 - Sacred texts

This term, Year 2 have explored religious sacred texts. They have thought about what makes a book or text special to them and how we would treat a book that we really enjoyed and loved. The children then began to study the significance of: the Bible in Christianity, the Quran in Islam, the Torah in Judaism and the Guru Granth Sahib in Sikhism. The children made some excellent e-books to present their findings!

Year 3 - A study of Hinduism

In Year 3, children have developed a deep understanding of Hinduism. They have explored the different roles they play in life, for example, as a sibling, friend, student at Grove School, and how this mirrors the Hindu beliefs of God. They have also looked closely at the story of Lord Krishna and why he is an important figure in Hinduism. Finally, children learned about Hindu religious traditions; focusing on dietary requirements and what they would expect to see in a temple.

Year 4 - Caring for the world and each other

This term, Year 4 have been exploring how we can care for the world and people around us. They have compared the beauty and destruction of nature and how this is hurting the animals that live alongside us on Earth. They have also considered how we can show care towards these animals. Also, the children have looked at and compared how lots of different religions teach us to be caring towards each other and the world around us.

Year 5 - Religious charities

In Year 5, the children have thinking about suffering taking place in our world. They considered the impacts of suffering on people’s lives and how those affected by suffering may need our help. They have explored a range of religious and non-religious charities, that strive to better the lives of those suffering. They put all of their learning together with a project to create their own fundraising idea to help people suffering in our world.




In spring 1, Nursery children have been looking at how wedding are celebrated. They have read The Scarecrow’s Wedding by Julia Donaldson and have looked at real wedding pictures and invitiations.





Chinese New Year 

In spring 1, Reception children have been exploring the festival of 'The Chinese New Year'. They have been doing lots of dragon dancing, lantern making and 'Year of the rabbit' paintings.  



Year 1

Festivals of Light


In Autumn 2, children have been studying festivals of light. They have explored Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas and thought about why they are celebrated by people around teh world. They have read lots of stories relating to these festivals too!


Year 2


A Study of Islam


In Autumn 1, children in Year 2 have studied Islam. They explored the life of Prophet Muhammad and were able to put key events of his life in order. They also explored the importance of the 5 Pillars of Islam, focusing on how Muslims pray. The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to a Mosque.



Year 3


Initiation Rites


In Autumn 1, children in Year 3 have really enjoyed their Initiation Rights topic. They considered their responsibility towards others in school and creating a sense of belonging to out school community. Children looked at various religious ceremonies for babies when they are born (Islamic naming ceremony and Christian baptism ceremony).



Year 4


Learning from the past and having a vision for the future


In Autumn 1, Year 4 children have taken part in deep discussion about the past and having a vision for the future. Children studied the story of Noah’s Ark; they reflected on qualities he showed and how he showed hope for the future. The children came up with detailed thoughts on what they can learn from Noah and how they can show courage in their lives too!

Year 5


How do different religions advocate peace?


In Autumn 2, children in Year 5 have been thinking about what peace means and what we can do to create a peaceful world around us. They have studied various religious teachings and considered what can be learned and adopted from them. 



Year 6




In Autumn 1, children in Year 6 have been exploring Judaism. They have reflected on the qualities of Moses and what made him a good leader. They have also looked at the importance of the Sedar meal and the symbolism involved in it. Furthermore, children also compared their own dietary requirement to those that are adopted by Jews (Kosher and Treif).




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