Staff at Grove School


Headteacher - Ms J Baker

Deputy Headteachers - Mr J Bentley & Miss C Dowell


Mrs C Willoughby - Assistant Head Teacher EYFS


Nursery Red - Ms S Khan, 

Nursery Yellow - Miss F Khanom, 



Reception Green - Miss S Bell, 

Reception Red - Mrs C Willoughby (Year Group Leader), Mrs S Begum,

Reception Yellow - Miss L Bricklebank,


EYFS support staff - Ms E Wood, Ms S Griffiths, Ms K Davies, Ms S Ali, Ms G Malhi


Year 1

Miss K Nguyen - Assistant head teacher for Year 1 & Year 2

1 Green - Miss P Henderson,

1 Red - Miss C Harris,

1 Yellow - Miss K Nguyen (Year Group Leader),


Year 2

2 Green - Ms E Knight (Year Group Leader), Mrs L Cunningham

2 Red - Miss R Walker,

2 Yellow - Ms K Toon,


Key Stage 1 - support staff - Mrs S Hussain, Mrs A Moran, Mrs N Umar, Mrs R Kaur


Year 3

Miss E Rice - Assistant Head teacher for Year 3 & Year 4

3 Green - Mr A Lucas, 

3 Red - Miss A Toqeer

3 Yellow - Miss E Rice (Year Group Leader)


Year 4

4 Green - Miss J Parker, Mrs D Kaur

4 Red - Miss K Bibi, Ms G Mason

4 Yellow - Miss H Binns (Year Group Leader)

3/4 Purple - Ms A Bennett (Assistant Head Teacher)


Lower Key Stage 2 - support staff - Mrs F McArevey, Mrs D Kaur


Year 5

5 Green - Miss S Mian

5 Red - Mr D Parton (Year Group Leader

5 Yellow - Miss M Hinton 


5/6 Purple - Mrs R Hartill,


Year 6

Mrs H Hunt Stewart - Assistant Head teacher for Year 5 & Year 6 

6 Green - Miss A Malvernkar 

6 Red - Mrs C Walsh, Ms N Begum

6 Yellow - Mrs H Hunt-Stewart (Year Group Leader)


Upper Key Stage 2 - support staff - Ms Al-Himyari


PPA cover EYFS - Ms S Pratt

PPA cover KS1 & 2 - Mrs L Cunningham

PPA cover KS1 & 2 - Mrs K Chumber-Lakhay


Curriculum leaders

Miss C Dowell - SENCO and English curriculum leader

Miss E Knight - English curriculum leader

Mrs S Begum - English curriculum leader


Mr J Bentley - Maths curriculum leader

Mrs R Roberts - Maths curriculum leader (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs H Hunt-Stewart - Science curriculum leader

Miss A Bennett - Spanish curriculum leader & SEND

Miss A Malvernkar - Religious education curriculum leader

Miss M Hinton - History curriculum leader

Miss N Begum - Music curriculum leader

Miss H Binns - Computing curriculum leader

Miss E Rice - Design and technology curriculum leader

Mr D Parton - Physical education curriculum leader

Miss K Nguyen - Geography curriculum leader

Mrs C Willoughby - Art and design curriculum leader


Special Educational needs

Miss C Dowell - Deputy head teacher - SENCO

Miss A Bennett - Assistant Head Teacher - SEN



Mrs E Patel - Finance

Miss M Murphy - Administrator

Mrs K O'Mahoney - Administrator

Mrs P Kaur - Receptionist 


Mrs S Caley - Gardener


Mr M Fyffe - Site Supervisor

Mr D Reville - Assistant Site Supervisor


Playcare co-ordinators

Mrs E Cavolli

Miss H Khatun

Mrs A Shah

Mrs A Khatun

Mrs A Khatun

Mrs J Kaur


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs B Kaur

Mrs R Begum

Mrs K Kaur

Mrs S Khanam

Mrs M Begum

Mrs K Begum

Mrs S Begum


Cleaning Staff

Miss Y Fletcher

Mrs B Kaur

Mrs P Kumari

Mrs B Kaur

Mrs D Lal

Ms N Mason

Mrs K Kaur

Ms S Kaur Dosanjh

Ms S Iqbal

Mrs F Kauser



Grove Catering Team

Mrs L Shaw   -  Head Cook

Mrs R Knight

Mrs J Kaur

Mrs D Kalirai

Ms T Burnett

Mrs M Rani

Mrs G Heer

Mrs K Kaur Sammy

Ms A Mohammed

Ms N Mason


































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