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Spring 1 knowledge organiser for Year 1

Spring 1 knowledge organiser for Year 2

Spring 2 knowledge organiser for Year 4


Spring 1


Understanding the World

The children have had a focus on winter, talking about what the weather is like and looking at the plants in the outdoor environment. A timeline was created of a tree and a bush in the outdoor environment to support the pupils to monitor and discuss change. The children looked at the environmental impact they can have depending on how they look after their classroom space.


Understanding the World

In Reception the pupils looked for signs of winter, by studying the weather and looking at their outdoor environment. The weather greatly supported curriculum delivery this Spring 1 with the snow arriving in time for the children to have first-hand experiences to engage in the weather, exploring the ice using brushes, cloths and sponges in attempt to release the artic animals trapped within. The children looked at the environmental impact they can have depending on how they look after their classroom space, like the use of different bins and correctly turning off taps.

Year 1 

Where in the world is our class bear?

The children have been using postcards from around the world sent in from family and friends, to help them name and locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. The children were able to use comparative language to talk about the size of the different continents. They located a country on each of the continents, excluding Antarctica and recorded facts about these countries in their continents booklets.

Year 2

The Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham

The children located the Equator, North Pole and South Pole on a world map. Linking to their history topic about the Cadbury Brothers and Bournville, the children located Ghana using a globe and identified different possible routes for coco-beans from Ghana to the UK. The children debated which mode of transport they thought would be the quickest and which would be able to transport the most coco-beans.

The children went on an exciting educational visit to Handsworth Park to consolidate their learning. Prior to the children’s field visit, the children created a sketch map of the park with their own key using an aerial photograph. The children labelled physical and human features using different photographs and used their maps to talk about what is the same and what is different between where the school is and where the park is. Whilst on their walk to the park, the children created a messy map of Handsworth showing rubbish, animals, noise and traffic.

Autumn 2


Understanding the World

Nursery have been busy this half term exploring their playground area and thinking about where it is in relation to their classroom. The children have also explored outdoor changes and talked about the weather. Look at the fantastic map of the playground nursery created below! 


Understanding the World

Reception have been learning about their route from the classroom to their outdoor area. The children have been studying the important places in their playground such as the texture kitchen and water area, and thinking about where these are in relation to each other and to the rest of the school. The children have also continued to look at the seasonal changes all around them.

Year 1

Where in the UK is our class bear?

This half term, Year 1 have located the UK on a world map. The children have used a variety of digital and atlas maps to name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the UK. On a UK map, the children located a river in each of the four countires, and labelled the River Thames on a sketch map. Barnaby Bear helped the children to identify the seasonal weather patterns across the UK when he visited the different capital cities.

Year 5

The Jewel in Birmingham's Crown

Year 5 have been learning all about the Jewel in Birmingham's Crown. Prior to visiting the Jewellery Quarter, the children used an ariel photograph to sketch and label a map of their route and also created their own risk assessment! Whilst on the visit, the children took photographs of key buildings and transport links, to identify and discuss the reasons for repurposing the building over time. During this project, pupils have learnt how to read and use 6 figure grid references through Grove games like 'Grid Guess'.

Year 6

Natural Disasters

Year 6 have been studying different types of natural disasters, including 'earthquakes, volcanic erruptions, floods, droughts, hurricanes, and wildfires. Using different maps, the children have been locating historic natural disasters and with the use of atlases, the children identified patterns of their locations. The children studied the conditions required to cause earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic erruptions and also assessed the impact of these disasters on human settlements and the natural landscape. 

Autumn 1


Understanding the World

To help the children begin understanding the concept of place in nursery, the children have been naming the important places in their classroom. Nursery then zoomed out to explore different places within the school. To begin understanding scale, the children have been looking at where things belong in the classroom and at home. The children have been looking at trees outside to understand how the same things change over time.


Understanding the World

Reception have been busy this half term looking at the key places in their new classroom and talking about how they feel in each of these places. The children have been using comparative language such as same and different to compare different areas around the school. The children have learnt to zoom in to different areas of their classrooms, homes and story books to help develop their concept of scale. Look at the home within the classroom Reception have made using their deconstructed role play area! The children have enjoyed talking about the weather and exploring the changes of the plants in their playground too.

Year 1 

Did Rosie play with the same toys as me?

This half term Year 1 have been using photographs to record the location of the Victorian toys around the classroom from their History topic. The children have been collecting data to create a class tally chart of their favourite toys, using comparative language to compare the toys and using directional language to get to the toys. The children have been developing their map skills through labelling the location of their toys in the classroom and drawing a plan of the toys in room of their house. The children also began using DigiMaps online to zoom in and out of their town, Handsworth, and City, Birmingham. 



Year 3

I am a Meteorologist

In Year 3 the children have learnt about the different climate zones across the world, comparing deserts and rainforests using atlases and a Biomes of the World map on DigiMaps. The children made a prediction about what rainforests and deserts would be like, and which plants would grow there using their knowledge of hot and cold places. The children created weather charts on J2data for Handsworth, comparing their weather record in the summer from their holiday project, with the current autumn weather.

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