Pupil Online Safety

Using technology is fun and it can help you learn! However, being online can be dangerous. On this page, you will find some helpful information so that you can continue using the internet to help you learn and relax safely. 


Staying safe online


Tools to help your learning


SWGfL Report Harmful Content

The RHC button is an asset of SWGfL, a charity working internationally to ensure all benefit from technology, free from harm.

Childline's Top Tips for Staying Safe online

Information about how to keep yourself and others safe on the internet.


How you can make the internet a better place!

All about how you can help to improve the online world.


How to be internet SMART

Top tips on how to be an expert online.


How can being online change my mood?

Tips about how to manage your emotions when using technology.


What does the report button do?

Information about what to do if you see something upsetting online.



A fun place to learn about internet safety.


Search engines

These search engines are designed to be safer for children.

No search engine is 100% safe, so if you do see something you're uncomfortable with, tell a trusted adult or report it.







Kiddle image search

Kid Search images

Swiggle image search



Digital Matters Activities for KS2

Click here to work through online safety scenarios.  Will you make the right choices?





Games and Videos


Being Respectful Online


Why you shouldn't click on unfamiliar ads


A fun platform game that teaches you all about how to be Internet Awesome!


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