Recre8 Drama

'Just three clicks' is a five week participatory programme which uses drama in education techniques and psychology exercises to explore the notion of extremism and the radicalisation of young people.

Following the five key strands of the Prevent strategy (2011) , framework (2014 ) and guidance (updated September 2023) the project aims to understand how the human mind can be shaped by misinformed ideologies and enables the children to safely speculate on the nature of this contentious issue providing them with both a better understanding and increased resilience.

Post programme, a resource book is provided for the teaching staff to continue the work with the pupils, surrounding the issues explored in the 'Just 3 Clicks' programme.  This programme is of paramount importance in relation to developing aspects of safeguarding where pupils can freely express their views.

'Just 3 clicks' refers to the ease with which anyone can access sites promoting violent extremism on the Internet ( Reference: CTU Birmingham )

In the spring term 2024 Recre8 will work with our Year 5 team.



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