The main task for governing bodies is to promote high standards of educational achievement. The three key roles that governors fulfil in order to achieve that goal are defined by the Department for Education as:
•  to contribute to strategic planning
•  to be a critical friend to the school (i.e to support and challenge the school)
•  to ensure accountability.

Please click here for the latest Governors Handbook published by the DfE.

To read our code of conduct for governors please click here.

Governors are required to attend meetings. There must be at least three full governing body meetings per year and failure to attend for any six-month period could result in disqualification.

Working with the governing body
As a governor, you must work as members of the governing body for the best interests of the school. This involves asking questions on a range of matters, perhaps when you are visiting the school or during a meeting. It also means contributing your opinions to the discussions of the governing body and accepting the majority view, which may not always reflect your own opinion.

School activities
You must show an interest in school activities. This means the everyday work of the school as well as special events. Find out as much as you can about Grove school. There really is no better way of finding out about your school than by visiting during working hours; as a new governor you will be invited to spend a day in school. Governors are expected to make an advance arrangement with the headteacher if they are intending to visit.

If you are interested in becoming a School Governor at Grove or in another Birmingham school please click here for more information.


For the 2022/23 Pecuniary Register and governor attendance at meetings,  please click here.


Our Governing Body


Co-Opted Governors

Mr Kamran Arshad- Chair of Governors

(Finance, Staffing, Pay & Premises)

Mrs Ingrid Hines - Vice Chair of Governors

(Finance, Staffing, Pay & Premises Committee)

Ms Ruth Tonkinson

(Finance, Staffing, Pay & Premises Committee)

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)

Miss Nikita Sowan

(Finance, Staffing, Pay & Premises Committee)

(Performance, Standards, and Safeguarding Committee)

Mr Matthew Morrison

(Finance, Staffing, Pay & Premises)


LA Representative

Mr Raj Kumar

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)

Mr Adrian Axinte

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)


Staff Governor

Mr Daniel Parton

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)


Parent Governor

Mrs Paramjit Kaur Badhan

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)

Mrs Noreen Akhtar

(Performance, Standards and Safeguarding Committee)


Head Teacher

Ms J Baker




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