The History of our School

We know that Grove Lane Council School opened in 1903 with accommodation in two departments for mixed infant children. It was reorganised in 1930 into a Senior Girls Department and an Infant Department. The Infant Department closed in 1940 but reopened in 1951. A Junior Department also opended in 1957. 

In 2003 we celebrated 100 years of Grove School. 

We know that many parents of children at Grove were once pupils. We would love to find out more from former pupils; their memories and anecdotes about their life at Grove School.



                     Armistice Day                                                       Mr Joy and Mr Harris                                      Grove Lane School                                        


Soho Road and Grove Lane junction                   Photo courtesy of Marguerite Dawson                     Grove Lane Schools                     


120 years at Grove School - 1903 - 2023

This year the whole school came together to celebrate our 120 year anniversary.  Each year group dressed up in clothing inspired from different decades.  They all took part in a special history lesson base don the developments within our school.  Here is a taste of these special celebrations.

Our children wrote down what their hopes and dreams were for their own future.  Here is a sample of what they wrote. 

Click onthe link below to complete our special Grove history lesson.



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