School Council

Meet our elected School Councillors 2022-2023!


Anti-Bullying Week: 

School Council met this week to make preparations for Anti-Bullying Week in Upper School. Our Councillors worked together to come up with daily activities that will be completed by all children during Anti-Bullying Week! 

A brilliant first meeting. 

School Council Elections:

Would you like to represent your class on our school council?

In the week commencing 31.10.22, we will be holding elections for our school council 2022-2023 in Years 5 and 6.

What makes a good school council representative?

Have good problem solving skills
Confident speaking skills and excellent listening skills
Enjoy teamwork
Have an open mind to new ideas
Be responsible
Work hard to get things done.

If elected, your photograph will be in the school hall so that everyone will know who you are. You will also have a School Council badge.













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