Supporting pupils with medical needs and the administraion of medication policy


Please click here for the children with with health needs that cannot attend school policy.


Information from Asthma UK regarding how to use an inhaler and spacer can be found by clicking here.


Information regarding anaphylaxis and living with the condition, can be found by clicking here.


Details with regards to Epi pens and how to use them can be found using this link.


Please click here to read the UK Health Agency letter regarding scarlet fever.





Please click here to read the UK Health Agency letter regarding winter illnesses



Please see the following communication sent by NHS colleagues for your information.


Birmingham Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department has been under significant, sustained pressure due to high levels of respiratory infections locally and unprecedented attendances.

Across the country, Children’s EDs are seeing approximately a 20% increase on previous record attendances, with a number of units reporting a lack of beds for paediatric admissions.

The Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is incredibly busy – those who are not seriously ill will face very long waits to be seen and may need to go elsewhere for help.


Remember, the Children’s Hospital Emergency Department can’t help with dental or eye issues.

For an eye emergency, please attend the Midland Eye Centre at Dudley Road open 9am-7pm.

NHS 111 can help with finding and accessing an Emergency Dentist

There are things you can try before visiting, such as:


  • View our ‘virtual consultations’ to hear our doctors’ advice on the most common reasons people come to the Emergency Department. Click here.
  • Visit Healthier Together, a website recommended by our doctors, which has advice and resources for parents and young people. Click here.
  • Visit 111 online (for children aged 5 and over) answer questions about your symptoms on the website and they will tell you what to do next.
  • Take these simple steps to keep well this winter:
  • Wash your hands regularly just like you did during the pandemic
  • Get your flu jab and COVID-19 booster





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