Safer Internet Day 2023

We have celebrated Safer Internet Day all across the school. You can see examples of work from each year group and hear from our Digital Leaders about their top tips for using technology.


Year 1

Year one have thought about how they can look after themselves and others when using technology.



Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at the positives and negatives of sharing online.  They have sent out a tweet and watched how far it has gone.  They have learned that, once an image is out there, it stays there and you don't have control over who sees it.  They have also enjoyed thinking about the positives of having a tool that can help up connect us to people all over the world.



Year 3

Year 3 have discussed the different ways they use technology and what to do if something upsets them online.


Year 4

In year 4, the children became data detectives and learned just how much you can find out from what someone posts online.  They then made their own online profiles that keeps their personal information private while allowing them to enjoy using the internet to play games, share interests and talk to their friends. 



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