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To find out what each year-group is learning about this term, click the links below.


Year 1 Create a simple programme part 2

Year 2 - Create a topic based e-book

Year 3 - Write a programme part 2 drawing shapes

Year 4 - Multimedia fact file

Year 5 - Creating and using spreadsheets as models to solve problems

Year 6 - Computer networks part 2



Year 1 - Simple Algorithms and Programs

Year 1 have been learning about algorithms.  They have been writing simple algorithms that they have been able to follow, thinking carefully about making the instructions specific.  They have also started to debug their programs to find errors that would stop the computer understanding the instructions. 


Year 2 - Ways to Present Information

Year 2 have created images to show how to look after plants, linked to their science topic.  They had to think about how to present the information clearly and used a range of skills such as downloading images, saving their work and retrieving their work from their files.  You can see some examples of their images below.

Prabhnoor's Image

Aisha's Image



Year 3 - Creating a branching database and interrogating simple databases

Year 3 have been learning all about databases.  They have been able to write questions to help sort information and have made complex and simple searches to find specific information.   

Look at what Mariya learnt:


Year 6 - Game Design

Year 6 have continued building their programming skills using Scratch to create games.  They have used lots of different blocks and have learned about Boolean logic, using this in if...then... statements.  Scroll down to see some of the games made by the children!

Gurnoor's Alien Game

Click the green flag to start.  Use the arrow keys to move the star right and left and press the space bar to fire a laser to defeat the aliens.  Click the red hexagon to stop and the green flag to reset the game to play again.

Manahil's Game

Click the green flag to start.  How many times can you click the dog to score points?

Autumn 2

To find out what each year-group is learning about this autumn, click the links below.

Year 1 - Gathering Data and Presenting Charts

Year 1 have been making tally charts and then using the data to make pictograms.  They have then been able to write sentences about them to interpret the data. 

Here is Cheino's pictogram and Namanjot's sentence decribing it.

Year 2 - Collecting, Organising and Presenting Data

Year 2 have been looking at gathering data through votes and making tally charts.  They have used this data to create bar graphs which they have been able to talk about and interpret. 

Here is Siam's bar graph.

Here is Siam describing their bar graph.



Year 3 - Writing a Programme Part 1: Block-Based Sequences

Year 3 have been using J2code to write scripts for two sprites to have a conversations.  They have used these skills to create an animation of a sprite telling a joke.  They have had to think about the timing so that their sprites speak at the right times.

Here is Sophia's and Haania's sprite conversation.

Here is Abdul's joke.


Year 4 - On the Move with Programming

Year 4 have continued using Scratch to programme sprites.  This time, they learned how to make sprites move including using the arrow keys and getting the sprite to follow the cursor.  They will come back to this topic later in the year to create a maze game using all the skills they have developed so far.

Here is Ekam's work.  

Here is Reema's work.


Year 5 - Progamming: Making Games

Year 5 have built on everything they learned in year 4 to continue using Scratch to make a game.  They have planned their own games using loops, if...then... statements and a range of inputs.


Here is Miraj's game.


Year 6 - Analyse and Interpret Data using Spreadsheets

Year 6 have been making spreadsheets to solve a range of problems.  They have written formula using the four operations, used budgets and formatted their spreadsheets to make them user-friendly.

You can see a selection of examples on 6 Red's digital working wall below.

Autumn 1

This half-term, we held a fantastic workshop for a number of children in years 4, 5 and 6 all about MicroBits.  The children wrote programmes that allowed them to play "rocket, black hole, asteroid", create their own workout routine and count their steps.  It was a fantastic morning and the children cannot wait for more opportunities to use MicroBits in their learning!


To find out what each year-group is learning about this autumn, click the links below.

Year 1 - Just Paint and Write, Part 1: All About Me

Year 2 - Sequencing Simple Algorithms and Progammes

Year 3 - QR Codes

Year 4 - Scratch Programming from Algorithm to Code

Year 5 - Infographics

Year 6 - The Internet and the World Wide Web



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