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To find out what each year-group is learning about this autumn, click the links below.

Year 1 - Just Paint and Write, Part 1: All About Me

Year 2 - Sequencing Simple Algorithms and Progammes

Year 3 - QR Codes

Year 4 - Scratch Programming from Algorithm to Code

Year 5 - Infographics

Year 6 - The Internet and the World Wide Web



To find out what each year-group is learning about in Summer 2, click the links below.

Year 1 - Create Simple Programmes Part 2

Year 2 - Art of Animation

Year 3 - Organising, Creating and Presenting

Year 4 - Creating and Interrogating Simple Databases

Year 5 - Computers for Communication and Collaboration

Year 6 - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning





Year 1

Year 1 have been taking, editing and creating pictures on the iPads and writing sentences about them.  This has linked with their science topic where they have been "plant detectives".  They have made super animations to show how plants grow.

Hasnayn's animation:


Nathan's animation:

Irza's animation:

Year 2

Year 2 have created eBooks about an area of the curriculum.  They have added images and text to each page and created their own illustrations too.

Rawasi and Aliyan's eBook: 

Affan's eBook:



Year 3

Year 3 have used J2Visual to create simple algorithms.  They have created simple shapes using code blocks and then built on this to create repeating sequences by using nesting blocks and loops.  

Lawiy's shape drawing:

Ishaaq's shape drawing:

Sarganis's shape drawing:

Year 4

Year 4 have been creating their own multi-media factfiles all about the tundra biome, linking to their geography topic, Climate Zones.  They have learned how to embed different media, link pages to create a non-linear presentation and how to format their information to enhance readability.  

Viraj's multi-media fact file:

Priya's multi-media fact file:

Miraj's multi-media fact file:

Year 5

Year 5 have been using spreadsheets to manipulate data.  They have learned different formula to solve different problems and learned how to present the information in a readable format.  They have also looked at different graphs and how to present and interpret data in different ways. 

See Aaron's problem-solving below:

See Zakariya's problem-solving below:


Year 6

Year 6 have been looking at Big Data this half term.  They have been considering risks that data can come into online, how to mitigate those risks and what their rights are as an online user.  They have also investigated their digital footprints and how their data might be desirable to companies online. 

Haalima's work on digital footprints:

Ahmed's work on hackers:

Chaaya and Hinnah's work on digital footprints:

Find out what each year group is learning this half-term by looking at the knowledge organisers below.

Year 1: Creating a Simple Program Part 2

Year 2: Creating a Topic-Based eBook

Year 3: Writing a Program Part 2 - Drawing Shapes

Year 4: Creating a Multi-Media Fact File

Year 5: Creating Spreadsheets to Model and Solve Problems

Year 6


Spring 2


Reception have been investigating what technology is, what technology they use and what they use technology for.  The children then discussed how to use tablets safely and agreed upon a set of rules; Smarty the Penguin leading this discussion. Using tablets, the children linked technology with science and look photographs of signs of Spring. Great enjoyment was had by all when they designed and made their own technology, developing their resilience and problem solving.


Year 1

Year 1 have been looking at algorithms.  They have been programming the Beebots to follow a route.  They have developed skills in sequencing, predicting and debugging. 

You can see 1 Yellow's working wall by clicking the picture below:



Year 2

Year 2 have been using Jit5 to present data in different ways.  They have spent time making stop-motion animations to show the life-cycle of a plant.  This is linked to their science topic where they have been looking at plants.  The children have been very excited to add a new frame to their animations as they learn a new part of flowers' life-cycle. 

To see 2 Green's working wall, click here.

You can see Robert's information pages below.


You can see Manvi's animation below.


Year 3

Year 3 have been looking at branching databases.  They have used simple and complex databases to find information and answer questions.  They have also made their own branching databases.

You can see their super working walls by clicking the images below.

3 Red

3 Yellow

4 Green


Year 4

This half term has been all about online safety for year 4.  In conjunction with their RHE topic, "Should I believe everything I read online?", they have looked at strategies for identifying whether or not information is trustworthy, how to manage risks while playing games online and how to identify a bot.  


Year 5

Year 5 have spent this half term looking at the pros and cons of the internet.  They have thought about what makes information trustworthy, how to identify fake news and why it is important to be sceptical about information, opinions and sources online.


Year 6

Year 6 have continued their game-making on Scratch.  They have used if/else blocks to create more complex games that allow the player to score points.  They have also streamlined their games' code by using loops and nested loops.

You can play some of their games below!




This half term, most year groups have been looking at online safety as their focus.  You can see some examples of work from Safer Internet Day by clicking here.

Year 4

Year 4 have been looking at computer technology this half term.  They have learned about what a computer is, what parts are inside a computer and how computers interpret and present data.  You can see their working walls below and some examples of the fantastic work that the children have produced.

4 Red



Year 1

Year 1 have been learning all about how to interpret, collect, present and analyse data. They have made pictograms on the iPads and described them using simple sentences. 

See some examples below.

Scan or click here to see 1 Yellow's working wall:


Year 2

Year 2 have been using branching diagrams to sort data that they have collected.  They have also presented and interpreted data in a variety of different ways.


Scan here to see 2 Green's working wall:


Year 3

Year 3 have started to look at programming this half term.  They have used j2code to create algorithms to tell a sprite what to do. 

Scan or click here to see 3 Yellow's working wall:


Year 4

In year 4, the children have been continuing their work on Scratch.  They have been working towards making a maze game where the player has to navigate obstacles.  They have used if...then... blocks to tell the sprite what to do if it touches a certain colour and what to do when it reaches the goal.

See some examples below:


Scan here to see 4 Red's working wall:


Year 5

Year 5 have had Mrs Cufflin supporting them this half term and they have been making games using Scratch.  They have used the arrow keys to move sprites to create an Etch-A-Sketch game and a Pong game. 

See some examples below: 


Scan here to see 5 Red's working wall:

Scan here to see 5 Green's working wall:


Scan here to see 5 Yellow's working wall:


Year 6

Year 6 have been learning all about spreadsheets this half term.  They have used formulae to produce calculated data and learned about budgeting.

Scan here to see 6 Red's working wall:



Year 1

In Autumn 1, the children in year 1 have used Jit5 to create digital drawings of themselves. They have used the different paint tools including colours, brush sizes and fill. 

You can see some examples from Tina and Maisin in 1 Red below:



Year 2

Year 2 have been using j2code to write, predict and run simple programs to make a sprite follow a desired path. They have been writing a list of instructions for the sprite rather than writing one line at a time and then debugging the program afterwards to solve errors.

See an example from Humaira in 2 Green and Tashan in 2 Red below:



Year 3

Year 3 have been learning about QR codes. Scan the QR code below to hear Hakeem from 3 Yellow tell you all about them! 

Year 4

Year 4 have been using Scratch to program sprites to move, change appearance and make sounds. They have been using continuous and controlled loops and debugging to solve problems in their code. They have used their skills to create a “Loopy Choir” where several sprites will make different sounds with a given input. They have also written code for two sprites to have a conversation.

See some examples from in Leyah in 4 Green, Erina and Yousuf in 4 Red and Ismail and Dawoud in 4 Red below:


Year 5

Year 5 have been learning all about infographics.  They have looked at a range of infographics and have learned about what they are for.  They have used J2e to evaluate different fonts and formatting techniques and have created their own infographics all about Queen Victoria, linked to their history topic.


Year 6

In year 6, the children have been learning about the internet and the world wide web. They have learned all about Tim Burners-Lee, the creator of the world wide web, and they have done practical demonstrations to show how data is delivered to a user from a server. They have also learned all about search engines and how to be savvy searchers to get the most accurate results. 






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