English at Grove 

Autumn 1


This half term the children have been reading books about starting nursery and different types of homes.  The children really enjoyed reading Spot Loves Nursery by Eric Hill.  The children have been exploring their nursery classrooms and trying some of the fun activities that Spot did in the book.



The children also enjoyed reading This is Our House by Michael Rosen and Bob Graham.  They talked confidently about their own houses and used a range of materials indoors and outdoors to build the houses they saw in the story.


Listen to Hamza tell you which type of house he built in Nursery:



The children in Reception have been listening to stories all about different houses and the changing seasons.  The children loved reading the book Seasons Come, Seasons Go, Tree.  They enjoyed looking at the pictures and talking about how the animals and trees changed in the different seasons.  The children were excited to help our gardener Mrs Sally plant bulbs in the playground and can't wait for the flowers to grow.


Listen to Chieno tell you why his favourite season is Spring:


Year 1

The authors of the half term for Year 1 have been Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. Their core texts have included The Everywhere Bear, The Paper Dolls and Lost in the Toy Museum. 

Year 1 sequenced the events from The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. The class bears then went on their own adventures! The children wrote a narrative for this and wrote about which places they would take our bear too.


Listen to Avaani's favourite part of the story:

After reading The Paper Dolls, Year 1 made their own paper dolls and wrote a recount of this. They also drew their own story maps of the story to help them retell what happened.


Year 1 had so much fun reading Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas. The children played hide and seek, just like the toys did in the story to explain to Bunting if he was hot or cold! We used our game to write our own story Lost in the School by Year 1.


Year 2

This half term Year 2 studied Valrie Thomas and Korky Paul as their author of the half term. Some of the core texts have included Winnie and Wilbur, Winnie and Wilbur Under the Sea and Winnie and Wilbur at the Seaside.

Year 2 sequenced the events from Winnie and Wilbur Under the Sea. Then the children used exciting adjectives to write descriptions about some sea creatures.


After reading Winnie and Wilbur The Amazing Pumpkin, Year 2 created their own story board to help write a narrative to retell the story. The children used adjectives to describe the setting of the story in their writing.


Listen to Felix's favourite part of the story:

Year 3

The class novel for Year 3 this half term was Stig of the Dump by Clive King.  The children enjoyed exploring the relationships between characters who have come from opposite worlds and how their friendship develops.  There were lots of twists and turns along the journey for Stig and Barney.

Listen to Humayra explain what the theme of Stig of the Dump is and how Stig was a good friend to Barney:

Hakeem really enjoyed reading Stig of the Dump.  Listen to the part of the story which he found most surprising:


Year 4

The children in Year 4 have been engrossed with their class novel this half term, The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Rauf.

The children made links between the book and themes they were learning about in their RHE lessons and the Grove School expectations including treating others with respect, showing tolerance and being a good friend.  The shape narrative in each classroom shows how Ahmet's experiences in England moved quickly from being positive to negative.  Can you guess the shape the teachers chose to represent Ahmet's journey?

Listen to Haniya explain the theme of The Boy at the Back of the Class, how different characters behaved towards Ahmet and why they behaved like this:

Listen to Umaymah explain how The Boy at the Back of the Class made her feel and why:


Year 5

The children in Year 5 have been fascinated to read about what life was like for Victorian children in their class novel, Street Child by Berlie Doherty.

The story explores how Jim was treated and what life was like for him after his mother passed away.  The children explored their impressions of different characters and how the events in the story made them feel.


Listen to Riya, Shanaya and Sehajdeep explain the theme of Street Child, why they enjoyed reading the story and how the story made them feel and why:



Year 6

In Year 6, the children have been reading The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier.

The Silver Sword is a World War 2 survival story which is a duel narrative.  The children in Year 6 followed Joseph and his family who share their story and their separate journeys to safety during World War 2.  They explored the relationships between characters and were pleasantly surprised to find out that there were still people in the world who showed kindness to others despite being in the middle of terrible events.


Listen to Othman explain why he enjoyed reading The Silver Sword and how the author created suspense within the story:

Listen to Safiyyah explain why she thinks EVERYONE should read The Silver Sword:

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