Year 6 Transfer to Secondary School in September 2024


Secondary Schools Allocation

The national offer day for secondary schools is Friday 1st March 2024.

You should therefore receive an offer of a secondary school for September 2023 for your child.



Birmingham City Council have the following information on their website:

The email and letter you receive will name the secondary school your child has been offered for September 2024.

You do not need to let us know if you plan to accept this offer.

The deadline for acceptance is 15 March 2024 if you are refusing it. Your offer letter will tell you how you can refuse the offer. If you do not refuse the offer, our records will show that the offer has been accepted.

If your child attends an all-through school, you must inform your child's current school if they will no longer be attending in September 2024 because your child has received and you have accepted an offer of a place at a different school.

If your child has not been offered a place at any of the schools you applied for, this will be because the school received more applications than there were places available and other children met the admission criteria more closely than your child.

You are strongly encouraged to accept the offer so that your child has a guaranteed place for September 2024.

By refusing the offer, the place may be given to a child on the waiting list for that school.

The offer being accepted will not affect your child's waiting list position for any of your higher preference schools or influence the outcome of any appeal you may submit.


Waiting lists

If you do not receive an offer for a place at your higher preference Birmingham schools, your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting lists for those schools, except for the Birmingham grammar schools, where your child must have scored the qualifying score of 205 to be included.

Waiting lists are compiled in the same order as the school's oversubscription criteria, for example, siblings first.

Late applicants are also added according to this order, so your child's name could move down as well as up a waiting list. Having a place on the waiting list does not guarantee that a place will become available.

Information on waiting list positions will not be available until Monday 25 March 2024.

From Monday 25 March 2024, you can phone Children's Services on 0121 303 1888. They will let you know who holds the waiting list for the school you want. This will be either school admissions or the school itself.

Waiting list advice will not be available before this date to allow time for offers to be accepted and refused.


Time scales

National Offer Day

1 March 2024

Deadline for submitting appeals

12 April 2024

Appeal hearings for appeals submitted on time

May and June 2024

Induction (transition) day at secondary school

3 July 2024

Round closes (applications need to be made using the In-Year application directly to the school after this date)

31 July 2024

Term starts

2 September 2024

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