Science Week 2024

We wanted our Science Week 2024 to be the best ever! So, with this in mind, we invited our wonderful parents in to sample some of our fantastic Science lessons. It was even more fun experimenting with them!

Year 1
Year 1 children have been exploring their senses. This week they focused on hearing by making and decorating their own string telephones. They loved experimenting with different dynamics with their parents to see if they could hear whispering too. The children are excited to complete a home challenge: experimenting with different size cups and lengths of string to see how far sounds can travel. They're thinking of trying out different rooms or from the top of the stairs to the bottom...

Year 2
Year 2 had great fun investigating healthy and unhealthy plants with their parents. They used their scientific knowledge to predict why the plants were unhealthy- some of the plants had been left in the cold, some had no water and some needed sunlight. The children used their observations to think about how they could compare and sort the plants: they decided to consider how wilted, strong, colourful or curled the plants appeared. Over the next week, the children are going to observe the changes to the unhealthy plants as they water them, give them sunlight and lots of time.


Year 3
The children in Year 3 were excited to explore muscle groups this week by taking part in a range of exercises with their parents. By the end of the lesson they spoke excitedly about how muscles pull bones to move them; how muscles are attached to the bones by tendons; and were able to name and locate muscles in their body. Well done Year 3!



Year 4

Our Year 4 pupils continued to explore different states of matter and their properties this week. The children and their parents made stress balls during the parent workshop and had to discuss whether a stress ball is better when it contains liquids, solids or gases.  They had some excellent observations and most ultimately decided that solids that have some of the properties of liquids, such as flour, worked best.




Year 6

Year 6 are currently loving their Light topic, and spent this lesson investigating (with their parents) how they could use mirrors to direct light around an object so it could be seen. The children were delighted to find out how the angle of incidence linked to the angle of reflection when recording their findings. They then really enjoyed making periscopes and discovering how and why they work!



Our Science Week competition winners...

This Science Week, Key Stage 1 and 2 were set some challenges based on this year's theme: Time.



Well done to everyone who entered: we had some fantastic posters! Here are our winners:




Year 1                                                    Year 2


Year 3                                                    Year 4

Year 6

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