Year 2

Spring Term

To start off the Spring Term, the children were learning all about the stories of Jesus and Mohammed. Across the year group, we learnt all about Joseph and his Technicoloured Coat, David and Goliath, Mohammed and the Black Stone and the Good Samaritan, to name a few. We have discussed the importance of qualities such as kindness, courage and forginess.

Some of the children wrote their own letters to thank the Good Samaritan for his kindness whilst others wrote to other characters from the story with other messages.

Following on from our R.E. topic, we have started our topic of James Watt and Matthew Boulton. Within the topic, we explore the local area of Handsworth and learn a lot about the importance of Watt and Boulton.

As part of the topic, the children have been on a wonderful trip to St Mary's Church and Handsworth Park and are looking forward to their next trip to Soho House. The children had a fantastic time exploring the church and learning all about Matthew Boulton and James Watt with Reverend Stephens.

The children have been writing their own information texts all about Grove School to create a brochure all about our school and the children are now moving onto writing their own Information Texts about Handsworth. In this, the children will be using everything that they have learnt from St Mary's Church to help them.

Year 2 have also been very busy creating their own timelines of the lives of Matthew Boulton and James Watt.


Autumn Term

On Friday 3rd November, a local author called Robert Brown came into Grove School to read and talk about his debut novel "William the Hedgehog Boy". The children absolutely loved hearing all about his book and learning lots of information about hedgehogs. They even got the chance to see some footage of real hedgehogs in their habitats which linked in wonderfully to our Living Things and their Habitats topic from the previous term. We're very much looking forward to welcoming Robert Brown back for World Book Week!


In Autumn 2, the children have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. As part of the topic, the children made their own bread out of salt dough, inspired by Thomas Farriner's bakery.


The children also went on a trip to Aston Hall where they took part in a workshop all about the events of the Great Fire of London. The children had a fantastic time dressing up as various important people from the time of the fire such as King Charles II, Samuel Pepys and Thomas Farriner. Year 2 also put together a lovely sharing assembly to show off everything that they have learnt throughout the topic.

Year 2 have had a lovely start to the year with a trip to the Brighouse hostel! 2Y and 2R have been to the hostel already, and 2G will be going on the 10th October.

Here are some photos of 2Y and 2R's trip:







We played parachute games and did some great team building activities. We did some lovely art work using nature and we went on a lovely walk in the countryside. The nature walk was great because we explored the environment, learnt lots of science and used some fabulous scientific vocabulary. Even though our teachers set up some really fun activities our favourite bit seemed to be seeing the cows in the field next to us!

2G are really excited for their turn!


After the visit 2Y and 2R wrote a recount of their trip:



In maths we worked really hard on place value and understanding the values of tens and ones:





Then we moved onto adding using partitioning and we did lots of problem solving and reasoning:




Finally we have moved onto subtraction! We have done lots of fluency using number lines and are now moving onto reasoning and problem solving:


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