History at Grove


Autumn 2

Year 2
The Great Fire of London

This half term Year 2 have been using paintings of The Great Fire of London to find out and explain what happened in 1666, including why the fire spread so quickly and what happened to houses and landmarks in London as a result of the fire starting in Thomas Farrinor’s bakery. The children have worked hard to order the events of 2nd- 6th September 1666. Year 2 also used portraits and the diary of Samuel Pepys to understand why he was an important man in 1666.

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Year 3
Travels in time: Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

This half term Year 3 tested their memories by ordering events from their Year 1 and 2 projects on a timeline. The children have been learning about how hunter-gatherers lived in Stone Age Britain. They then used their knowledge to gather resources which would help them survive as a Stone Age child. Year 3 also looked at the importance of archaeological sites, in particular Skara Brae and Stonehenge. Year 3 finished their topic by looking at thow the Bronze Age people lived and compared this to Stone Age.

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Year 4
Anglo-Saxons and Vikings: Invaders and Settlers

This half term Year 4 have been learning about who the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were and where they came from to understand why they invaded and settled in Britain. The children put themselves in the shoes of an Anglo-Saxon to discover what life was like in the settlements, how the kingdoms were organised and how they were ruled. Year 4 matched the Anglo-Saxon word ending to place names to help understand their meanings. The children investigated why Alfred the Great is remembered as The Great. Images of replicas and artefacts found at Sutton Hoo were used to discuss what they tell us about the buried person.

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Year 1

Autumn 1

Did Rosie play with the same toys as me?


Year 1 have been finding out about Rosie, girl who lived in Handsworth in Victorian Times.  They have compared the toys they play with to Rosie's. 



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Year 5

Autumn 1

Children of the Revolution


The pupils know why Queen Victoria was a popular monarch. They have used a range of historical sources to find out about the Victorian period.  They can explain how new inventions changed peoples’ lives during the Victorian period.  They know how Britain was changed by the Industrial Revolution. Pupils know what life was like for children in the Victorian period.  Pupils can place the Victorian era on a timeline.





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Year 6

Autumn 1

The World at War


The pupils in Year 6 know and can explain why Britain went to war in 1939.  They understand how our knowledge of the impact of war is constructed from a range of sources. Year 6 understand the role of and the impact of the war on women. They understand the role of men in World War Two. Pupils can explain what the Blitz was and its significance in the home front.




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