Please find below a list of school policies available to download:


Accessibility plan October 2020

Anti-bullying policy October 2021

Behaviour policy June 2021

Charging and remissions policy October 2021

Code of conduct for visitors October 2021

Complaints procedures October 2021

Safeguarding and child protection policy October 2021

Collective worship and assemblies policy October 2021

Data protection policy October 2021

Dealing with a drugs related incident October 2020

Dinner money debt policy October 2021

Educational visits policy October 2020

Equality objectives February 2019

E-Safety policy July 2019

EYFS policy July 2019

Freedom of information publication scheme autumn 2020

Health and safety policy October 2021

Home learning policy 2020-2021 

Home school agreement September 2020

Intimate care policy march 2021

Late arrival and collection of children policy October 2021

Leave in term time penalty notice September 2020

Looked After Children Policy October 2021

Mobile telephone use policy June 2020

No Platform policy October 2020

Policy for children with health needs that cannot attend school October 2021

Pupil attendance policy September 2021

Physical Education policy October 2020

Religious Education Policy October 2021

Sexting policy and procedures autumn 2020

Special educational needs and disability policy updated September 2021

Special education needs information Autumn 2021

Supporting pupils with medical needs and the administration of medication in school October 2021

Use of reasonable force policy October 2020

Volunteers in school policy October 2020



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