Geography at Grove

Spring 2

Year 4

Birmingham, Our Amazing City

Year 4 have been using 4 figure grid references to identify key landmarks in Birmingham city centre. The children used 8-figure compass points when describing where these landmarks were in relation to each other. Year 4 also identified different transport links in Birmingham and explained how these have changed over time and also found out how our city links to the wider West Midlands and UK.


Year 4 went on a field trip into Birmingham city centre to explore some of the landmarks the children identified on their maps. During the trip, the children plotted messy maps with a focus of their choosing.

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Spring 1

Year 1

Where in the World is Our Class Bear?

Year 1 have been naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world on their classroom world map. The children used directional and comparative language to compare the continents. We located a country on each of the continents and wrote our favourite fact about each country in our booklet. The children discussed the different weather patterns in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and compared these with the weather in Birmingham.


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Year 2

Beans, Birmingham and Beyond

This half term Year 2 have been locating the Equator, the North Pole and the South Pole on a world map. The children used this information to predict if the countries which their teacher had chosen is hot or cold. The children labelled Ghana, where cocoa beans are produced, on a world map and identified possible routes for the cocoa beans from Ghana to the UK. Year 2 then zoomed in to look at the journey of the cocoa beans to Birmingham using different scaled maps. Using an aerial map of Handsworth Park, the children created their own map of features with their own designed key. Using their aerial maps the children decided on the best route from the school to see all of the marked features. At the end of the topic, Year 2 went on a field trip, where they sketched a messy map using their observational skills with a focus of their choice.

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Autumn 2

Year 1
Where in the UK is our class bear?

This half term Year 1 have been naming and locating the four countries and four capital cities of the UK on a world map. The children then located and labeled rivers in the four countries. The children looked at seasonal weather patterns and drew symbols for the different weather types.

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Year 5
Jewellery Making in Birmingham

Year 5 have been looking at the changes within the Jewellery Quarter and Soho Road over time. The children identified the features of inner-city buildings and drew these on a sketch map. Following this, the children drew a sketch map of what their local area may look like in 2061 and how the buildings may be utilised differently in the future. The children have also been learning about the different types of industry and services within Jewellery making including primary and secondary services.

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Year 6
Natural Disasters

This half term Year 6 have been naming six types of natural disasters and locating historic examples of natural disasters on a world map. The children have described the conditions that are required to cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Year 6 used atlases to locate regions in the Tropics that create the conditions for hurricanes/typhoons. Photographs were used to assess the impact of an earthquake and volcanic eruption on the physical landscape and on human settlements.

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Autumn 1

Year 1 

Did Rosie play with the same toys as me?

Year 1 have named the countries that make up the United Kingdom.  They have used DigiMaps to find where in Handsworth Rosie used to live.



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Year 3

I am a weather reporter

Year three have looked the desert and rainforest biomes and located them on a map of the word.  They have named countries on a map of Europe using atlases.  They have reported on the weather and compared the weather in the summer holidays to the weather in the Autumn term.



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