Sports Hall Development

Our new sports hall is underway. On this page we will be sharing some photographs of the building work as it progresses.

May 2018 - The old hut has been demolished and cleared away.


6th September 2018 - The diggers are starting to prepare the ground for building.


26th September 2018 - The ground has been dug out and the brick wall at the end has been removed.


October 2018 - The ground has been levelled and a brick wall around the perimeter has started being built.


December 2018 - The main steel frame of the new building has been put up.


January 2019 - The concrete base has been laid and the brickwork has started on the walls.


February 2019 - The side walls are up.


March 2019 - A staircase can be seen at the far end of the hall.

July 2019 - Lots of work has now started on the inside of the new sports hall.

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