Grove School World Book Week - 2017                

Grove School world book week letter to parents

Book Quiz

Tuesday 28th February

Can you find the answer to these questions?

Year 1 and year 2   -   Name 3 books by Julia Donaldson

Year 3 and year 4   -   Name 5 books written by Roald Dahl

Year 5 and year 6   -   Name 8 books written by Michael Morpurgo

Well done to our Tuesday quiz winners!


      Ryan - 1 Green                                 Riya - 3 Red                                Iiman - 6 Green


Wednesday 1st March

Can you find the answer to these questions?

Nursery and Reception     -    Name one of the characters that chased the Gingerbread Man.

Year 1 and year 2       -   What was Paddington Bear named after?

                                       -   Name 5 things the Hungry Caterpillar ate.

Year 3 and year 4     -    Name the characters from the Famous Five novels by Enid Blyton.

Year 5 and year 6     -    Write the definition of a myth and a fable.

Well done to our Wednesday quiz winners!


     Karan - 1 Yellow                          Gunpreet - 4 Yellow                        Noreena - 5 Yellow


Thursday 2nd March

Can you find the answer to these questions?

Nursey and reception    -    Finish the title of this well known story - Goldilocks and ........

Year 1 and year 2    -    What is the name of Horrid Henry's brother? Name three animals that the Gruffalo meets in the forest.

Year 3 and year 4    -    In ' Billy The Kid ' by Michael Morpurgo which football team did Billy play for? What is Harry the Poisonous Centipedes name in the novel ' Harry the Poisonous Centipede' by Lynne Reid- Banks?

Year 5 and year 6    -    Name 3 novels that Charles Dickens wrote. Who is our Poet Laurete?

Well done to our Thursday quiz winners!


       Anniyah - 1 Yellow                           Zara - 3 Yellow                          Salman - 6 Blue


Read before you Sleep event - Wednesday 1st March

Year 1 and year 2 hosted this year's read before you sleep after school on Wednesday.  It was lovely to see so many children and parents attend this lovely event and great to see everyone enjoying their favourite books with friends and family.  Well done to Mr Hartwright and Miss Coker for reading us all some lovely bedtime stories.




World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Everyone dressed up as their favourite book character today, what a great collection of costumes we had! Well done Mums and Dads!  Each class teacher had the hard task of picking one pupil out of all their class who was wearing the most creative and inventive costume. Each winning pupil was presented with a book of their choice.  Below are some of our winners, don't they look great?






Where's Wally?                 

On Thursday Wally was hiding all over school! He was everywhere from Nursery right up to year 6 and children spent the whole day in between lessons seeking him out. All the children who found Wally hiding were given a Where's Wally book and certificate.  Well done to all who found him!



All children received their World Book Day vouchers today to spend at a bookshop. As well as receiving their vouchers all children were also given a copy of one of the World Book Day titles.

These are the titles available:

    Nursery receiving their Peppa Pig World book Day book.

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