Safer Internet Week

Safer Internet day is being celebrated worldwide on Tuesday 8th February. Earlier in the year, staff at Grove mapped out how online safety would be taught in each year group. This involved: planning online safety topics, looking at cross-curricular links throughout the year, and planning parental contact linked to this. Internet safety rules, which have been created by the pupils, are now also on display in each room, and pupils are confident in talking about these. Pupils are also using their online safety targets to support them in talking not just about their privacy and security, but also about cyberbullying, their digital footprint and reputation, and copyright. To celebrate our daily commitment to internet safety, Grove will be holding a Safer Internet week. During this week, staff will carry out learning walks, where pupils will be asked to comment on:
• What online safety is
• Why and when it is important to stay safe online
• How you can ensure you are safe online
• A piece of work/ an online safety lesson they have completed.
• How they ensure that they are safe while they are at home.

Each year group has planned a range of exciting activities for children to take part in during the week.

Workshops will be held with parents to discuss the importance of being with your children when they are using the internet. The teachers will also use this opportunity to introduce ‘Bug Club’ to the parents. Alongside this, the children will be creating a poster about internet safety.

Bug Club will also be a focus of parent workshops in this year group, and the focus of lessons will be ‘what to do if you see something on the internet which makes you feel uncomfortable.’

Year 1
The children will be completing digital posters about what you should and shouldn’t do online. The poster will be going onto the Grove School website. A set of the class rules will be set home to parents.

Year 2
Pupils will be creating vlogs about being safe online. The best vlogs will go on the website. Parents will also be receiving an internet safety leaflet during the week.

Year 3
Children will be using the online tool ‘j2e’ to create poster about online safety. The best posters will go on the website and be sent home. School councillors will judge these.

Year 4
Pupils will be creating a video about cyber bullying. The best video will win a prize. Online safety posters will be sent home to parents.

Years 5 and 6
PCSO Sam O’Dell will be visiting school on Tuesday to lead an assembly on online safety. The content of this assembly will be delivered to parents of KS2 pupils in a meeting the following week. Pupils will be taking part in a competition to design a leaflet about online safety, using their online safety targets. The children will also take part in a special lesson based on communication online and the dangers of grooming.



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