Letter to parents and carers  10.7.18

URGENT Road Safety

Dear Parents and Carers,

Staff and governors are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of our children at the start and the end of the school day. There are two main concerns:

1. Children and their parents not using the pedestrian crossings to cross Grove Lane or Dawson Road, staff have witnessed children attempting to dash across the road to meet their parent/carer

2. Reckless driving and parking on Dawson Road. Parents and carers, from both Grove School and Handsworth Grammar School, parking illegally on the zig zag lines by the pedestrian crossing. This is obstructing the crossing and putting children’s safety at risk.

As you know I liaise regularly with the police on road safety. Yesterday, the police had arranged for four officers to be present on Dawson Road at the start of the school day. Very sadly, they witnessed a road traffic accident outside upper school involving one of our pupils. Fortunately, they were on hand to offer support and advice to parents. The head of the Grammar School rang for an ambulance, who attended the scene.

At Grove we regularly teach our children about road safety. We know the important role you as parents and carers have in teaching your children to stay safe on the roads.You and your families are key role models for your children in road safety.

Some facts about road safety:
• road traffic accidents involving children peak between 3pm and 7pm each day
• there are more serious and fatal injuries to school-age pedestrians in the afternoon and early evening than at any other time
• failure to look properly is the most frequently reported factor in road traffic accidents
• children are more likely to die in a road collision than from any other accidental cause
• research shows that children can’t judge how fast vehicles are going or how far away they are.

As parents and carers you can help your children to stay safe on the roads by:
• Setting a good example and avoid dashing across the road
• Remind children not to talk/text or listen to music on mobile phones when crossing the road
• Teach your children to find a safe place to cross
• Teach them to stand on the pavement, but not too close to the edge of the kerb
• Teach them to keep looking and listening for traffic as they cross the road
• Remember to ook and listen in all directions for any traffic and think about what you are doing
• When crossing a road, think – stop – look – listen – wait – look and listen again – arrive alive!

Your children’s safety is paramount to us. Please help us to keep your children safe by using the pedestrian crossings, parking legally and driving safely in and around our local area. 

Yours sincerely,

P Matty


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