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Spring 1 2021

Friday 15th January 2021

Our Stars of the Week


In phonics we remembered how to write the diagraphs from this week.

                Affan                                                                 Alexander 



We made numerals in maths using different materials.




In Guided Reading we read a non-fiction book all about floating and sinking. 

We then explored things around our home which float and sink.




Thursday 14th January 2021

In Guided Reading we read the book 'Go Boat Go!'

We then had a go at making our own speed boats.


In phonics we learned the diagraph sound 'oa'. Here are the super sentences we wrote!








Aaryan, Alexander and Jai

We played 'Magic Cups' in Maths. We tried to guess what was under the cups and then we subitised to check. Now we are Maths Magicians!

Jai      Alexander

What fun!


In Topic we learnt all about footprints in our world and what makes them different from one another. We even tried making our own footprints and investigated the different ways we could make them!!




Wednesday 13th January 2021


Today we have written some super duper sentences using our new trigraph 'igh'




To practise our Positional Language further, we played Hide and Seek with our Teddies again. But this time, our Grown-ups had to hide the teddies and we had to ask questions using our prepositonal lanuage to find them!!



Today we read the book 'King Pip and the Dark Wood'

We had lots of fun going out to our garden or for a walk to find as many bugs as we could and investigating their homes. 


This afternoon we have loved getting active for our PE lesson and enjoyed making up dance routines to music! 




Tuesday 12th January 2021

Today we read the book 'Rat and cat in the Dance'.

We dressed up and did a cool dance, just like rat!



We wrote sentences using our new diagraph 'ee'.



Affan                                                       Aaryan



 Zoya    Zayan



To practise using our positional language, we played hide and seek with our teddies and toys.






Jai      Garin 


We had such fun we are sure you can see!

Everyone has worked so hard to create their own story maps of Little Red Riding Hood.





Monday 11th January 2021




We had some brilliant sentences in phonics today. Well done to all these children.


In Maths we are learning all about positional language. We have been practising to be robots and learning our maths rhyme. 


In Guided Reading today, we read a non fiction book all about how we could save water. We had lots of good ideas.




This week our fairytale is Little Red Riding Hood. 

We made some fantastic baskets for grandma.




Friday 8th January 2021

Our Stars of the Week



Well done to all the children who have joined in with our learning and sent photographs and pictures. 

The children have done lots of great phonics today!



In Guided Reading, we read a non fiction book called 'We can do it!'


We then had a go at doing some exercise.



Great balancing exercises Humaira, Kian and Sophia!


Brilliant subitising Zohaib and Robert!










In Topic we were thinking about how Goldilocks could be kind.


Thursday 7th January 2021

Emelisa, Zaara and Ethan have worked hard in phonics today, well done!

The children in RG have also enjoyed learning the new digraph 'or'! 




We read a non fiction book all about quick animals today. Our challenge was to find out the quickest animal in the world. Here is what we found.



We made our own subitising dot cards to help us to subise in Maths.



We helped Goldilocks make 'sorry' cards for the Three Bears. Alexander

Wednesday 6th January 2021

In phonics today, we have been learning tricky words.

We can not sound out tricky words, we have to just remember and read them fast.

We have written some great sentences.






In Guided Reading we read the book 'Quick quick quick' on Bug Club. The children designed a racing track and chose the winner of the race. 



For our Thinking Curriculum we read instructions for how to make porridge. Then we had a go at making porridge or helping our parents making our lunch. 






Zohaib has used junk modelling to make a new chair for Baby Bear. Well done!

Tuesday 5th January 2021

Today we have been learning the digraph 'ar'.

We have worked hard to write some sentences.






In Guided Reading we read the book 'Sid and Zak' on Bug Club.

After reading our book we thought about our friends and did some drawings and writing.












For our Thinking Curriculum learning we thought about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We went to find big, medium and small objects.





Monday 4th January 2021

Look at our fantastic phonics.

We have been learning the phase 3 digraph 'oo' today.

We wrote some super sentences! 


In guided reading, we read the story 'Let's rock'.

We then thought about what instruments we might like to play if we were in a rock band.

Look at our lovely work.


Our new topic this half term is all about fairy tales.

Today we have started to learn about the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Look at our drawings.


We thought about different traditional tales and made puppets of the story characters.

Aren't they brilliant?

by Aaryan  

 by Jai

 Red Riding Hood by Manvi

Red Riding Hood by Reece  

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