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Summer Term Home Learning

Our topic in Summer 1 is 'Ready, Steady, Grow!'

Don’t forget to visit the Nursery home learning page to see the exciting holiday project. We look forward to sharing your photographs on Monday 1st June.

Have a happy holiday and stay safe.

We would like to wish ‘Eid Mubarak’ to those of you celebrating Eid. Please remember to follow the Government guidelines and stay safe while you celebrate.

Summer Term 2

Our theme for this half term is 'In the Future'

Monday 1st June, 2020

Wow! Nursery have enjoyed an exciting start to our new topic. We have listened to the story 'Supertato' and dressed up as superheroes. Can you guess what our super powers are?

   Superhero Felix

Superhero Ethan    Superhero Jai

Superhero Manjot 

   Superhero Faihaan

Superhero Navjot    Superhero Abdul

 Superhero Aaryan

 Superhero Affan

 Superhero Humaira

 Superhero Jai

 Superhero Kavnoor

 Superhero Mariya

 Super hero Zayan

 Superhero Harveer

 Superhero Rehan


Aliyan, Felix, Manjot,Navjot, Mariya, Humaira and Abdul have practised their writing and have been thinking about the story.



Shayaan has been busy exploring outdoors to see what he can find.


Yasser has made a magic potion. Do you think it helps him with his super power?


Yasser, Aliyan and Zayan celebrated Eid with healthy food and exciting gifts.



Nursery children have been busy with their holiday project: making their own theatre puppet show.





    Well done Amayah, Emelisa, Harveer and Ritika.


Abdul celebrated his birthday in the holidays. Happy birthday from all your friends in nursery!


Friday 22nd May, 2020

Well done to everyone who has shared their home learning this week!

The Stars of the Week are:




Yesterday was Sudais's birthday. Happy birthday from everyone at Grove Nursery!

Jack needed to escape from the giant so today we made magic potions to help him. Our potions bubbled in to action. What fun!














We made magic wands to help us write.

Zoya  Jai 

Abdul      Ethan's brush


Ethan has been busy in the garden. He helped to water the sunflowers.

Abdul has been busy using Purple Mash to make a happy picture of Jack and a tee shirt for Eid.



Thursday 21st May, 2020


Today is Sudais's birthday. Happy birthday from everyone at Grove Nursery!

We have done our exercises today to help us to keep fit. We have danced and moved around just like animals.


Ritika, Rushdan and Humaira

Garin      Yasser jumped like a frog

 Manvi Rehan





Mariya and Zayan



 Garin       Jai

Zoya     Sophia



We have been phonic detectives and looked for objects beginning with the letter sound 'c'.

 Alexander  Manvi



             Jalila and Aziza

  Sonia   Manvi

  Amayah Rushdan

 Humaira  Jai


Jai     Niah

Zoya      Zayan




Niah has measured all the shoes at her home. Which one is the longest?

Well done to the children who have read their books and completed the quizzes!


Wednesday 20th May, 2020

Today is Zoya's birthday. Happy birthday from everyone at Grove Nursery!

Nursery children have had lots of fun making castles for the giant. Just look at these super castles!

Mohkomaldeep     Abdul








Keyan and his brother




Alyan     Felix


Zoya and her sister 


We have made a washing line of clothes to show our numerals.
















Faihaan    Abdul       

Faihaan made a parachute to help Jack escape from the giant. He measured  shoes. Well done!


Felix practised his pencil grip.

Garin has helped to water the plants. Look how tall they are!


Abdul went on Purple Mash and made a cake ready for Eid. It looks delicious!

Well done to all the nursery children who have read their books and completed the quizzes!

Alyan     Faihaan


Tuesday 19th May, 2020

Nursery children have enjoyed playing the 'Jumping Bean' game today. We ran on the spot like runner beans and jumped up and down like jumping beans. We think Jack from our story  would like to join in too! 




Felix         Jai

Zoya     Abdul and his                                                                                            brother

Navjot     Zaara 

We thought about the giant's shoes and put our home shoes in order.

 Affan  Alexander

 Humaira  Jai

 Mariya  Harveer

Navjot   Manvi



Abdul      Felix

Garin        Jai


Zoya   Zayan


Sophia found lots of other objects to put in size order.

Nursery children have been writing today. What a super effort!

Abdul      Manjot


Mohkomaldeep made a parachute to help Jack escape from the giant.

Yasser made stairs with his building blocks to help Jack.

Monday 18th May, 2020

Today the Nursery children have listened to Miss Thorpe read the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have made parachutes and ladders to help Jack escape from the giant. 



Affan                                                  Aayan



Humaira and Rehan





Rushdan, Zayan,Emelisa and Zohaib



Zoya    Jayden


Ritika  Manvi

Garin made a parachute and a hot air balloon to help Jack. His mum helped him to keep safe.




Zoya and Mariya listened carefully to the story.


Yahya and Niah made a beanstalk. Look how tall they are!


Yahya      Niah


Sudais is busy practicing his name writing




We made weather charts to record the weather today just like we see on the television.


Niah     Yahya 



 Felix has been counting.


 Niah has been writing about a healthy meal.


 Yahya made a wonderful hat.

Well done, Nursery! What a busy start to our home learning week. Mrs Sohal and Mrs Willoughby are very proud of you!

Well done to the Nursery children who have read their books and completed the quizzes today!



Friday 15th May, 2020

Well done to everyone who has shared their home learning this week!

The Stars of the Week are:



Nursery have enjoyed making jigsaws and trying to put them back together. What a great idea from our friend Niah.


Affan, Alexander and Amayah


Humaira                                                   Jai


Jayden                                               Ritika


Rushdan                                                  Jalila



Aziza                                                     Zayan


  Abdul                                                 Faihaan

Felix        Garin  

Manjot       Zaara



We have tried out the peg challenge. Look at our great peg towers. How tall do you think they are?

Abdul       Manjot   


Aaryan                                             Mariya


Aziza and Jalila                                   Rushdan


We have measured our sunflowers and other plants to find out how tall they are.




Alexander, Manvi and Amayah



Ethan  and Humaira managed to count 14 spoons. Well done!



Zoya practised forming her numerals and writing her name. What lovely learning!



Yahya has been on a rainbow treasure hunt.  


 Yasser has been a phonic detective looking for things that begin with the letter sound 'b'.

Aliyan has been listening to the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.


Well done to all those children who have read today and completed their quizzes!

 Alyan and Ayaan

Felix      Zaara


Thursday 14th May, 2020

Nursery children have been phonic detectives and searching for objects which begin with the letter sound 'b'. We all agree they are super detectives!





Aahil and Humaira

   Jai and Mariya


Rushdan, Zayan and Manvi


Ritika is singing to the rainbow song. Amayah has made a musical instrument.

Garin     Zaara

Abdul     Zoya

Well done Alexander!

 Jai and his sister

We have danced to the rainbow song with our rainbow wands to keep us fit and healthy.

Alyan    Felix

Zaara   Zoya 



Alyan and Yahya have practised writing.



Yahya has had a busy day. What a lot of learning!

 Yahya is listening to the story



 Mohkomaldeep has made a weather chart


Abdul has made a weather picture on Purple Mash.






Wednesday 13th May, 2020

Great singing Zayan

 Emelisa is busy making a jigsaw puzzle. Wow you are doing a great job!

 Sudias has been practicing putting his shoes on, all by himself. Well done!

Nursery children have enjoyed the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and have drawn pictures and made beanstalks.


Manjot      Deen 




 Humaira is singing along to the days of the week song. What day is it today?

Well done to the children who have made weather charts. I wonder what the weather will be tomorrow?

Felix      Alyan

Garin       Navjot

Deen    Zaara

Abdul      Sonia


Felix and Zoya went on Purple Mash to make weather pictures.


Zayan   Rushdan  Ritika and Jai   Humaira and Alexande  Affan and Aaryan    Zohaib


 Rehan and Manvi 

   Jalila and Aziza


Lots of nursery children have been trying to stay healthy. They have eaten and drawn pictures of healthy food.

 Alyan   Manjot


 Felix    Zoya


Deen helped his mum to make a healthy plate of fruit and then did his drawing.


Abdul has also made an aeroplane today. What a busy day!


Garin has been practising his letter sounds.

Manjot and Abdul have used their listening ears to listen to songs and stories.


Ayaan has made a robot on Purple Mash


Tuesday 12th May, 2020


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