At Grove we have a partnership with the National Education Trust. We welcome headteachers and teachers from schools across the country. Our pupils are excellent ambassadors with all visting professionals.

In 2014 a group of year 5 pupils represented Grove at a National Education Trust event to prepare a Children's Charter. If you would like to find our more about the Charter please go to the National Education Trust site by clicking here.

The children who developed the Charter strongly believed the following made learning exciting:

* We want to learn with others

* We want to learn outside

* We want to make choices about our learning

* We want to learn through visits and trips

* We want to learn using technology

* We want our teachers to be learners

* We want to be challenged by trying new things.

We are pleased our curriculum enables children to experience these important characteristics.

We work in partnership with Comenius is a cross curricular scheme funded by the British Council which enables staff and children at Grove to work alongside partners in other countries. Comenius promotes learning about different cultures through joint projects and visits.

Grove has links with schools in Holland, Spain, Cyprus and Sweden. 

The project gives us an insight into other practices in teaching which is motivating for teachers and pupils. The project also provides us with new friendships and a chance to broaden our horizons and experiences.

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