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Please find below the login details for This resource  from the Music Service Online Learning Platform contains over 350 bite size video clips of tutorials covering all instruments.

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New - Welsh National Opera activities!!! - New


We have deeply appreciated our partnership with the Welsh National Opera over the last few years and during lockdown they have been working on some activities all around creating a character, designing a set for your opera and learning to create your own libretto (lyrics).


Here's a song that the Year 5's learned earlier this year and even added their own lyrics to.

It's called Honk Crash Beep Beep!

You can download the lyrics here

If you wanted to create your own lyrics to that song then in this clip Davina has created an extra verse (the 7th) for you to add your own:

Here's another song that you can sing along to:

My Bonnie lies over the ocean

Here are some activities to help you create your own opera.

You should do them in order:

·        Superhero Design

·        Set design

·        Create an Aria

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