Each day your child’s work will be posted to the home learning page for their year group.  This can be found under the Curriculum Journey Tab on the school website.

The home learning will have a range of tasks for your child to complete.  Remember to look daily to find out what your child needs to do.
Some tasks will be completed online.  The login in formation for these online platforms are in the Home Learning books.   Please remember to keep your passwords safe as there is confidential information about your child within the learning platforms.

Other tasks can be completed in the home learning books provided.

If you are having difficulty logging in to the online learning platforms then Mrs Armstrong, resource manager, will be available for support between the hours of 8am and 5pm (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), 8am – 1pm (Tuesday) and 8am – 4.25pm (Friday).
Please note that this contact will be for technical support for parents only, not pupils.

• By email on: a.armstrong@grove.bham.sch.uk
• By telephone on: 07880 180302

Look on BGFL 365 in the j2stars folder.  (Ks1 and KS2). Here your child can collect points for completing their work to a high standard.


Information for parents on home online learning

Grove school recognises that not all families will have access to laptops or tablets in the home and that families who have several children may all be sharing one device. Please be assured that we understand that the children may not be able to complete all the work set.

There are lots of ways you can support your children with home learning. Reading is the most important way of helping your child at home. This does not have to be set reading books from school, this can be any age appropriate books you have at home, magazines, comics, newspapers – you could discuss with your child any appropriate news topics and explore their thoughts on this.

Letting them help with cooking and baking at home will mean they will be practising maths skills of measuring when weighing out ingredients.

Give them a tape measure and let them measure rooms in the house. They could draw a plan of the house and put in the measurements from each room.

If you have access to a garden, let them build some bug houses from recycled materials. They could keep a record of what type of minibeasts and how many they see visiting their bug house.

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