Year 6


This week the children in year 6 have finished thier Charles Darwin biographies. Here is the start of one excellent piece of writing:

The children have also been learning about adaption, in preparation for our work on Natural Selection next week.

6 Yellow have begun their algebra topic, whilst 6 Blue have been completing reasoning problems based on fractions.



This week in our topic, we have been studying: the final stages of World War 2; how the Allies defeated the German Nazis; and written poems about peace. Below is work produced by the pupils in 6 Red.



Above are the origami doves of peace made by the children in 6 Red.


Problem solving Using the rules of BIDMAS. Here is an example of some of the work produced in 6 Red.

Problem solving using the rules of BIDMAS


This amazing letter from an evacuee was written in 6 Green:

We have been looking at Lowry and perspective this week in Art. This piece of artwork astounded us all:

This week the children have been learning about Anne Frank. This has inspired them to write some amazing diary entries of their own. Here is one example from 6 Blue:


6 Yellow have loved completing 5 stage investigations this week. Here is one child’s work:

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