Letter to parents  26.11.20

Knife Crime support for parents and children at Grove School


Dear parents,

I am writing to update you on the informative knife crime workshop which took place yesterday for all pupils in year 6.


The workshop was run by PC Talabani, who based at Thornhill Road police station. The focus of the session was safety, support networks, emotion in crime, and understanding rights and wrongs.

PC Talabani talked to Grove children about ‘joint enterprise.’  Pupils were helped to understand that people are equally liable if they have the knowledge that someone else is carrying a knife and did not take the opportunity to tell a trusted adult. They also learnt that protection is not a reasonable excuse to use in law for carrying a knife.


Please take the time to talk to your children about keeping safe and knowing what to do if they know someone is carrying a knife.

Here are some helpful sites to guide you through talking to your child at home:


http://www.knifecrimes.org/000904_KNIFE_A5_LEAFLET.pdf   A guide from the Home Office on how to talk to your child about knives.

https://parentinfo.org/article/if-your-child-is-in-a-gang Home Office advice on knives and what to do if you are worried about your child being in a gang.


https://www.childline.org.uk/info-advice/bullying-abuse-safety/crime-law/gun-knife-crime/ Useful information about knife crime.

At school we will continue to support the children to understand the importance of staying safe and helping to keep others safe.


If you would like to talk to me further about this matter or you have any concerns about safety please email me: e.mills@grove.bham.sch.uk

Yours sincerely,


Miss E Mills

Deputy Headteacher


Dawson Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9HB
Tel: 0121 464 4669    Fax: 0121 464 0508  Email: enquiry@grove.bham.sch.uk


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