Year 6


To start the term year 6 embarked on a design and technology project.  The design brief was to make a prototype of a ride that would be enjoyed by younger children.  Here are some photographs of the pupils in 6 green making the rides and some pictures of our finished prototypes.







On Tuesday 17th December we held the official opening of our sports hall.  Governors, neighbours and parents were all invited to see our brand new sports hall.  Each year group produced a display showcasing their amazing curriculum work and students from each year group were on hand to talk about their work and answer any questions. Here are some photos of the year 6 display.






For Anti Bullying Week year 6 watched and interactive video where the pupils had to make choices about what they would do in different situations.  6 Green came to the unanimous concensus that telling a teacher was the very best outcome to get the problem resolved.

6 Green made pledges as to how the change would start with them.









In computing we have been using Scratch to programme a guide to Anne Frank's Annex.

Have a go at the ones shared here.

In Maths, pupils in Year 6 Yellow have been working hard on identifying the place value of digits to 1 000 000.


During guided reading sessions, the pupils have been working on answering 3 mark impression questions. Focusing on identifying suitable adjectives to describe the impression and then using the text to support the idea using evidence. Keep up the good work Year 6!

Year 6

Year 6 took part in a drama session about what it would be like to be an evacuee during World War 2.  They created still images.  Here are some examples from 6 Green and 6 Purple.  You can really see the emotion in their faces.  The title of the image will help you to see what is happening.

Unpacking at Mr Clayton's.


Waiting in the hall


Dad forgive me for letting Annie go.


The first selection

No time to say goodbye



Click on the Earth to see Jay's Godzilla dance.


Year 6 have completed a 5 stage investigation about German tanks in WW2.




Following a fantastic drama session (see photos above) the children in year 6 wrote a letter home as an evacuee. This is a fantastic piece of writing from 6 Red:


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