Year 4

In Year 4 we have begun to write stories about James and the Giant Peach.

To discover how it may have felt to be one of the creatures inside the peach we created still images.

Here is one image we created of the creatures, inside the peach, just before they meet James.

Here is the beginning of Noor's story, but watch this space for our stories in the coming week.

' Inside the peach, the grasshopper, the butterfly and the ladybird were all watching the immense, brown television, which was by the side of the chair in the corner of the room. The spider was making tea for them all in the kitchen.

"When shall the tea be made?" asked the centipede crossly.

Then the glowworm turned the lights off . At that moment the ladybird stopped reading and booted the the glow worm with her shoe.

"Turn the light on!" shouted the the ladybird.

They were all so busy that they didn't notice the faint footsteps. The footsteps that were like a child's. Maybe the footsteps of James ...

"What's that noise?" asked Miss Spider stopping her work.

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