Science Week 2016

Monday 14th March

Two year 5 classes visited Handsworth Grammar school to get some hands on experience using equipment in the laboratory.

One year 5 class helped year 2 pupils to create some balloon rockets!

Tuesday 15th March

All year 6 classes visited Holyhead school to make use of their laboratory. All of the children received a bunsen burner licence which they can take with them to secondary school in September.




One year 5 class visited Handsworth Grammar school to use their laboratory.

Year 2 pupils visited Enginuity, part of the Ironbridge museum.

Year 5 pupils helped Year 1 and Year 3 pupils to create ballon rockets.


Wednesday 16th March

Some year 2 pupils have travelled to Enginuity today.

Thursday 17th March

The remaining class visited Enginuity at the Ironbride museum.

Friday 18th March

Year 4 are taking part in a workshop about teeth, part of their science topic for this term

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