Maths Olympiad 2018


On Tuesday 19th June 2018, pupils from nine local primary schools came to Grove to participate in the Maths Olympiad 2018.

Participating schools this year included: Cherry Orchard, St Clare’s, Oasis Foundry, St Teresa’s, Wattville Primary, Wilkes Green, St Matthews, St James, Pye Green and Grove School.

Teams of six year 5 pupils worked together to solve a range of mathematical problems and puzzles. Throughout the morning, the children displayed great perseverance, using a range of mathematical strategies to develop and refine their answers. Staff were extremely impressed with the quality of the mathematical talk and the resilience of the children.

Here is one of the challenges the children faced.

Growing Old (NRICH)

The English mathematician Augustus de Morgan, who died in 1871, claimed that he became x years old in the year x squared.

When was he born?

Can you solve this problem?

We would like to thank a group of 12 students from Handsworth Grammar school who acted as team leaders, guiding and supporting the year 5 children.

All of the participants received a mini shield and certificate to take back to school. This year's winners were the team from Wilkes Green who will look after the winner's shield for the coming year. Well done Wilkes Green!

Grove staff would like to congratulate all the children who participated this year; what talented mathematicians we have in our local area! We would also like to extend our thanks to all the schools who supported the event and look forward to welcoming them back to Grove next year.




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